Saturday, June 25, 2005


I was just recently introduced to this book by
Cynthia Bougeault
, author of Mystical Hope. What caught my attention were the reviews on the cover of the book. It read like a Who's Who of those responsible for the renewal of the Christian contemplative dimension in the Twentieth Century;

"There is hardly a line without some profound significance... To me it is the last word in wisdom. It is simply astonishing. I have never read such a comprehensive account of the perennial philosophy."-Father Bede Griffiths

"It is without doubt the most extraordinary work I have ever read. It has tremendous spiritual depth and insight."-Trappist abbot Basil Pennington, OCSO

"This book, in my view, is the greatest contribution to date toward the rediscovery and renewal of the Christian contemplative tradition of the Fathers of the Church and the High Middle Ages."-Trappist abbot Thomas Keating, OCSO

And lastly, an afterward by Swissborn Hans Urs von Balthasar, called by the late Pope John Paul II as "one of the most extraordinary theologians and social scientists, who deserves a special place of honor in the cultural life of today."

In a more extensive review Keating goes on to suggest "it (Meditations on the Tarot) deserves to be the basis of a course in spirituality in every Christian institution of higher learning and what would be even better, the point of departure and unifying vision of the whole curriculum." Well there's an opportunity begging to be appropriated (Integral Institute perhaps?).


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